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My Daze of Dancing with the Dark Muse


Some say, Nigel Hartagan is a legend, and that’s certainly true in his mind. He seems to have everything; a successful music career, a talented wife, and beautiful daughter, but nothing is as real as it appears from the outside.


When a temptress, he calls the Powder Goddess comes into his world, Nigel soon discovers a monster lurking inside him. Everything he once treasured has become worthless as he slips further into the Goddess’s clutches. The inner beast takes control, and debauchery becomes his goal.


While he loves his new Goddess more than his musical mistress, Nigel soon begins to question if the price she requires is too high as he realizes he’s in a battle for his life.

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10/4 -10/31/2019

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The book starts off smooth, then leads to a wild ride by the end I was blown away.

S. Sommers


Five Stars! The Author's voice as Nigel will have you convinced this is an autobiography and that's a good enough reason for me for the rating. 

Kathy Aronoff


The price of fame and stardom in any entertainment industry is more than most of us can bear. We have all heard it from various stars themselves, and the author, D.M. Needom, has transformed this confession into a gripping fiction: My Daze of Dancing with the Dark Muse - Better To Burn Out Book 1. Read more of Ankita Shukla for Readers’ Favorite at her website 


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