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Updated: Aug 11

Tell me a little bit about yourself?

Wes: Please be gentle this is my first time doing an interview. Though it’s something I need to get used to in my line of work. I’m a solo artist, who is finishing my first studio album called, Always and Forever. I play guitar and write all my own songs. I’m currently single, but I don’t really have time to date.

Why did you choose this author to tell your story?

Wes: I saw how captivating her telling of Nigel Hartagan’s story in My Daze of Dancing with the Dark Muse was. I knew she could handle our story.

Describe your best and worst attributes?

Wes: Best, I guess would be my eyes at least that’s what I’ve been told. Worst, I really can’t dance to save my life.

What is your hidden talent?

Wes: I have great oral skills

, if you know what I mean.

What is the worst pain you ever felt?

Losing my girlfriend Jenn, it still hurts.

What is your greatest accomplishment?

Wes: Landing a recording contract and going into the studio.

Tell me about your significant other?

Wes: That’s an interesting question, since we recently broke up, but we plan on being friends. Jenn was my everything. She was my biggest supporter, the one person that always believed in me. That wasn’t all, when she looked at me with those soulful brown eyes she could make me do anything. Her laugh was infectious and sure to put a smile on my face. There was something about being in her arms that offered me comfort. However, while it may sound like we were just a sweet couple, that couldn’t be further from the truth. She could get me going just by looking at her body. While it might not seem polite when we used to play pool after the gigs, I always wanted to take her right there on the table. There were so many reasons we couldn’t after all she was a celebrity and people would talk. So, I’d hold off until we were home and then we’d- Well, a gentleman never tells that’s the authors job.

Do you consider yourself to be a “good person”?

Wes: Yes. I could’ve punch Mason many of times, but I’ve restrained myself. Seriously though, I’m a pretty simple guy. I’m always trying to do the right thing and make people happy.

Who would you want to play you in the movie version of your life?

Wes: The guy who was in Thelma and Louise. I think his name is Brad Pitt. He has blonde hair and blue eyes, like me and well the ladies love him just like me. Who would play your SO? Phoebe Cates, she’s the only actress I can think of that really reminds me of Jenn

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Wes: A little of both. When I’m on stage definitely and extrovert. However, when I’m off stage a huge introvert unless I know you. People are always surprised that I’m shy and I don’t know why. Meeting Jenn is proof of that. I thought she was beautiful and kept watching her from a far. I couldn’t go over to her. What would I say? Problem solved when she swam over to me and introduced herself. Wow, that was just the most perfect day.

Do you consider yourself a hero or a heroine and why?

Wes: I’d like to say Hero but since I lost the girl I don’t know. I imagine I could rescue her one day.

Tell me about your parents?

Wes: My parents both worked all the time and once I hit high school I kind of found myself out on my own. They divorced around the time I started high school though honestly, nothing really changed except I saw dad even less.

Tell me about your house or apartment?

Wes: Well, currently I’m still in the same apartment I was sharing with Jenn. I haven’t had time to get another place between being in the studio and playing gigs. Now that things are starting to take off there is talk of being an opening act for an undetermined act. I can’t wait. I digress you asked about my place. It’s a basic one-bedroom apartment, I did spend a little money and redid the living room. After all that is what people will see. I got a nice black leather sofa, over stuffed matching chair, lamps and tables. It looks really boss. Too bad the rest of the place is kind of plain. Maybe, in a few years I’ll get a really nice house up in the Malibu Hills.

What are the five items you could never live without?

Wes: First of course my Guitar. My lyric book/journal, I mean that’s where all the songs are. The Irish Penny, my grandfather gave me. He said it was for luck and I have to say for the most part right now my life feels charmed. The picture of Jenn and I that’s on my nightstand, Kerri had taken it one day when we were watching the sunset. We both just look so at peace. Even though I feel sad when I look at it, I still can find peace if I think of the possibility. Last item, hmm, definitely my 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Special Edition. She has staid by my side for years and has always been true to me. One day when I have the money I’ll get her all fixed up but for now she’s perfect especially when driving down Pacific Coast Highway with the T-Top off.

Do you have children?

Wes: Not currently, and I’m thankful for that. I want to be present for my kids.

Do you want kids of your own?

Yes, once I find the right person and my life settles down, definitely. I want to be the best dad I can be. Spoil my kids rotten.

What is your dream career?

Wes: I’m living the dream. I wanted to be a fronting a band and while I’m not playing arena’s yet. I know that I soon will be

What are you most passionate about?

Wes: My music. It was always something that kept me going even in the darkest times. When my dad got me my first acoustic at ten, I found a way to escape all the drama of home by locking myself in my room and playing guitar. The lyrics sometimes came first and other times the opposite. My other passion was Jenn, at least I still have my music and Jenn and I are still friends.

What were you like in high school?

Wes: I was a fraud. Everyone thought I was this cool musician who was dark and brooding. The truth was I was terrified that they would find out I was a total misfit. The kid who got my clothes at a thrift store. That being said, I always looked at what singers were wearing and created my own eclectic vibe so no one would question. I dated but it was like I always had to pretend to be someone else. They just thought I’d play guitar for them or write a song about them. They really weren’t interested in me. So, I gave them what they wanted and most were happy to give me something in return. While it might seem like I was awful, the truth was most of those encounters were awkward and I felt even more lonely afterwards.

What scares you about your future?

Wes: Being alone with someone that only wants to know me or be with me because of who I am, the singer. Jenn wanted the real me and I’m terrified I may never find a person like her again.

What is your secret fantasy?

Wes: I mentioned it earlier. There are times when I’m alone and I need a little release I think about Jenn leaning over a pool table her dress not even covering her ass. Her legs are spread just a little as she makes her shot. Walking up behind her, I’d run my fingers over her wet- Wait, I guess since this is an interview I should be a little cleaner. So uhm, perfect fantasy would be that Jenn dumps Mason and we run away together and live happily ever after. That is a much better answer in an interview. I’m really sorry, I got a little carried away.

What is your happiest childhood memory?

Wes: My dad taking me to this little music store and letting me pick my first acoustic. It came with ten guitar lessons and it was the one time that my dad was there for me. He made sure I made it to every one of those lessons and listen to me play. However, as soon as the lessons were lover he checked out again.

Do you consider yourself to be a sexual “vanilla” or a more exotic flavor?

Wes: Exotic. I mean for me, sex is about both of us getting off. I’m pretty much up for everything, well there are a couple of things that I wouldn’t do. But if I had the opportunity I’m sure a little bondage would be fun.

Do you have a kink or fetish? If so, why do you think that particular act is so exciting to you?

Wes: These are getting personal. I’ve never done it but I think having my hands tied and having hot wax dripped on my chest might be intense. I think it’s something about the sudden heat on my skin that would get to me. Of course, I’ve thought of other things but well, this isn’t the place to share.

Where is the craziest place you had sex? After a show one night, Jenn and I had a quickie next to the bars giant ice machine. The vibration from its cooler added a nice sensation.

The original interview can be found here: https://clairissasinclair.wixsite.com/website/post/wes-blenkenship-is-worth-waiting-for?fbclid=IwAR017ol-ABkYYUwHdXRiZrJjTr5N8NoXCBSjIqrBuVjiMk2CSfzIiggzV-E


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